About Me

Din is my name, I loooooove art; speak of poetry, music, drawings, play and much more got so much passion for writing and drinking coffee.
I fear God! With all my being, believes, seeing, feelings and my wit.
I’m free-flowing words, breaking in two.
I would say I’m simple in a complicated way, headstrong, creative, anxious and messy.
I can’t cry but tears flow, I care too much or maybe not enough.
I make wishes and own my mistakes. 
I write poetry in the margins and find four-leaf clovers. I hide in the pages
of books and scenes in the movies and always have to give the last word.
I write to inspire, to preach and to give hope and a new definition to a good life.
I hope you don’t only get inspired to live a stress-free life but also enjoy to read and to invite more of your friends, interact with me on twitter for lit tweets.
Ooh.. I’m Arsenal die-hard fan.

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